Welcome to the site.

SportsHunter is your one stop site for all your sport and viewing needs and, even better, everything here is FREE! We've tried to make it as easy to use as possible without the need to download and install unfamiliar software found on most other sites. Please bookmark this site and enjoy!

On the main page you can see tabs for various exciting features at the top, including live scores and movies, as well as a main menu in the middle of the page with various sports, tv and movie channels.

We are always trying to update, improve and grow. If you have a suggestion or request, let us know

Please read the FAQ below if you have any questions.

What is SportsHunter.tv?

We provide links for most major sporting events, movies, TV channels and more. We do not host links on site but provide reliable, safe and high-quality streams from external sources.

Do I need to download anything to watch?

With most new PCs, downloads should not be necessary for the majority of streams. Older PCs may need Flashplayer 10 for Windows Media Player (WMP). Occasionally some streams may require a download of certain software. Links for the necessary software can be found on the page.

Is there a recommended browser for watching the streams?

Certain streams work better on certain browsers. Firefox is generally the best to use for this site, though Chrome, Opera and Safari are also good. Some streams do not work at all on Internet Explorer. Details are given for recommended browsers on each stream page.

Do I need a good internet connection to watch?

The better your internet connection, the better your stream. Streams have different bitrates (BR). The higher the BR, the higher the quality of video, but this may cause problems for people with low internet speeds or older PCs. We try to provide several different links, especially for popular sports, so people can find the best link for their net speed and PC.

How do I watch?

On the main page there is a menu with various sections. Click on the section you want , select a link and click it. A new page will open with a screen. Wait a few seconds for the stream to load and start watching. It's as easy as that.

How do I change links?

  1. Go back to the main page, click refresh links to update information and click on a link.

I'm in a different time zone. How do I know the game time?

Website and game time is GMT. Click on 'Change to local time’ next to the clock. This automatically changes the clock and all the game times to your local time wherever you are in the world.

It's a black screen. I can't see anything. What should I do?

This could be caused by several things:
  1. If the stream is for a live game, check the time to see if the game has started. Streams generally start around 10minutes before the start of the game but may start a couple of minutes before in some cases. Refresh links on the main page and load the link again.
  2. Make sure you are using the recommended browser for that link.
  3. Certain streams may not load if you are using Ad Blockers or certain privacy programs. Disable them and load the link again.
  4. Some links require a specific player, such as TVU or Searchlight. Links should be provided on the page.
  5. Streams usually come on within a few seconds but some streams take longer to load. Wait a minute.
  6. There may be a technical problem with the link. Inform the admins in chat.

The streams keeps stopping or buffering. What should I do?

There may be several reasons:
  1. The stream may have a high bitrate which causes buffering on lower internet speeds or older PCs.
  2. Your PC may be not running at optimum levels. Close other windows and clear your cache.
  3. There may be a technical problem with the link. Inform the admins in chat.

I was watching the stream without trouble and it suddenly stopped.

There are 2 main reasons for this:
  1. TIf you are watching a sports event and it is half-time or some other kind of interval, streams sometimes go off-line. It should start again automatically after the interval. If it doesn't, refresh links on the main page and load again.
  2. We try to provide good quality reliable links but sometimes technical problems occur and streams go down. Refresh the link. If there is still a problem then return to the main page and refresh links and try an alternative link. Please inform admins in chat.

It says the stream has moved to SportsHunter.tv. I'm here. What should I do?

Dont panic. This is a technical issue. Refresh main links and load again. If the same message appears then the link is down. Try an alternative link. Inform admins in chat.

It says it's reached maximum streams for my country and I should buy a premium account.

This occasionally happens to some people on certain streams. This is an external site beyond our control. It is not necessary to purchase anything. This site is FREE! Refresh the link. If the stream stops again try an alternative link. If no alternative link is available it may be necessary to download UltraSurf . Follow the instructions.Ultrasurf will only work with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Unfortunately it is not compatible with Chrome. For Firefox an additional plugin is also required. The plugin link can be found on the link page.

How do I get full screen?

Different streams use different players. For most players double click on the screen. For other players, the full screen function is usually bottom right of the player. Unfortunately, in some rare cases, there is no full screen option.

How do I get rid of the ad blocking the screen?

The ad should disappear automatically after 30 seconds or you can manually click 'close ad'. Problems may occur if you have a low internet speed in which case it may take a little longer. Please remember this is a free site. Ads are necessary.

It's asking for a password. Where is it?

If a password is required for a certain stream, it will always be found on the same page. Look above the screen. Sometimes there is a password option but no password is above the screen. This is a technical problem and means the stream is down. Inform admins in chat.


  1. Chat is open to all who wish to participate. It can be a valuable tool for contacting admins with requests or problems and meeting others with the same interests.
  2. It is not necessary to join chat to watch streams and you can choose to hide chat at any time.
  3. We ask you to respect all users and all sports. We understand passions may sometimes run high but we reserve the right to delete or ultimately ban people who use offensive or abusive language.
  4. For the benefit of all users of chat, we also ask that red and blue colours and excessively small or large fonts are avoided as they are difficult to read.
  5. Spam and caps are also discouraged.
  6. If you see people have already posted about problems with links, please refrain from adding to it. Chat can become busy and repeated postings may be considered spam.
  7. While we always like to hear your opinions and any problems, excessive complaining may try admin’s patience. Admin work hard to provide good, quality, reliable links, but external factors beyond our control may cause problems. Be patient and remember this site is free!
  8. Posting links for other sites ensures an automatic ban.
  9. Please do not send a private message (PM) to admins, especially during busy sports times, unless you ask and are granted permission in general chat. Unfortunately admins are very busy and cannot respond to all messages. Alternatively you may use the Contact Us link at the top left of the homepage.

How do I use chat?

Log in and register a name. Do not choose offensive or rude names, please. If you do not register you cannot chat.

How do I change my colour and font?

Under the chat box there are various tools:
Bg: change your name colour and background colour.
T: change your font
11: change your font size
A: change your font colour

Please remember some red and blue colours and excessively small or large fonts should avoided as they are difficult to read. Admins or moderators may ask you to change and such posts will be ignored and deleted.

What can cause a ban?

  1. Offensive, abusive or bigoted language.
  2. Posting links for other sites.
  3. Not changing font colour or type when asked by staff.
  4. Excessive complaining or spam.

I type in the chat but people can't see my posts. I think I was banned.

If you don't follow the simple rules of chat etiquette, a ban may result. If you feel your ban was unwarranted, or you have learned your lesson and promise never to break chat rules again, you may appeal to admins or mods, either through private message (PM) or the �Contact us' link at the top of the homepage. Admins or mods may take pity and unban you. Unabanning is not an option for those who have posted links for other sites.